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Braces and Missing Teeth – Can They Go Together?

by Braces

braces and missing teeth can they go together forster As orthodontic technology has improved, and as braces have become smaller and, in some cases, almost invisible, they have become common among people of all ages.

This is because both adults and children can benefit from the corrective and aesthetic help of braces.

But some patients wonder if it is possible to receive braces or get them for children if teeth are missing from the smile.

The simple answer is “Absolutely!” It is not only possible to get orthodontic treatments of all kinds, including braces, when you have a missing tooth, but it can also be beneficial in several ways.

Read on to learn how, at Forster Dental Centre, how a missing tooth can affect orthodontic treatment.

Why braces?

Misaligned teeth are more than an aesthetic unpleasantness; they can also lead to oral issues for patients of all ages.

In the past, these issues usually have been diagnosed during late-childhood and early adolescence, to avoid or repair serious tooth issues and to take advantage of still growing and flexible bones.

As time has gone by, an increasing number of adults have turned to braces to address their oral alignment issues.

But older patients are more likely to have permanently missing teeth, and for those patients missing teeth can be problematic for functional and aesthetic reasons.

The good news is that orthodontic treatment can help patients with gaps in their smiles, while at the same time, often addressing alignment problems that are due to the missing tooth itself.

When a tooth is missing, the teeth that surround it can move into the gap left by the missing tooth. This can cause functional, periodontal, and aesthetic issues.

Orthodontic treatment can repair any damage that has been done and prevent it from happening if the alignment is currently functional.

Braces can also give your existing teeth proper alignments, which will help your dentist replace your missing teeth, sometime down the road.

Tooth replacement and orthodontics can be tightly related for patients with missing teeth, and the first step to working out a suitable treatment strategy is to schedule a consultation with your Forster dentist.

If you have a missing tooth, Forster Dental Centre surgery will take that into account when designing and installing your braces.

You will be told of any future treatments that might be necessary, and if you have missing teeth you plan to replace your braces can expand or contract to the appropriate space, depending on what is needed.

Depending on your particular case, an open or closed coil will be placed before your braces are installed.

This lets your teeth shift as the treatment demands while making sure there is space left for restoration of your lost tooth.

So, braces not only help alignment issue for patients suffering from missing teeth, but they can have the additional beneficial effect of making it far easier to replace missing teeth.

If you have missing teeth and/or alignment issues, you should schedule a consultation with your trusted Forster Dental Centre dentist.

We will work with you to build an orthodontic plan that takes into consideration your absent tooth, other existing dental issues, and how you plan to replace your teeth.

This will lead to an improved appearance and better oral health. Most commonly, braces are used before any tooth replacement, and after your existing teeth are straightened, you can have your replacement treatment.

Options after braces

During the design of your braces, and for the period after, it is good to already have in mind what kind of tooth-replacement strategy you will use. Here are four of the most popular options:

Fixed bridges bridge the gap between one or more missing teeth. This treatment typically takes multiple dental visits and feels, looks and functions like natural teeth. It is also relatively inexpensive.

Resin-retained bridges are similar to fixed bridges but require less invasive dental work. They are not capable of withstanding as much pressure as fixed bridges.

Removable partial dentures are replacement teeth for a small area of missing teeth. They help with chewing and restore the smile, but they are less durable and can become uncomfortable.

Dental implants are a permanent solution that gives you fully functional and attractive replacement teeth.

Consult Forster Dental Centre to determine the best option for you.

In all these cases, the work the braces have done to straighten your teeth will help your replacement strategy work better and look stunning!

Your Local Dentist in Forster

At Forster Dental Centre, we provide each patient with the care that allows them to maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile for life!

We offer an extensive range of dental services from preventative dentistry to restorative dental options along with the latest in cosmetic dentistry solutions for straighter and whiter teeth.

We pride ourselves on listening to the needs and concerns of all our patients and aim to provide you with the personalised attention you and your family deserves.

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