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Broken Dentures

Broken Dentures | Dentist Forster Dentures are common among those in their golden years.

They function like natural teeth, although at lesser strength. Still, these restorative devices have helped bring back smiles to many people.

Unfortunately, dentures can be damaged. Cracks can appear, or dentures can be broken.

This can happen to any denture wearer, anywhere, anytime. And what an inconvenience it is!

That’s why at Forster Dental Centre, we have same-day emergency appointments to attend to your emergencies, including broken dentures.

We want you to be back to smiling and your regular schedule as soon as possible.

Common Causes Of Denture Damage

Wear and tear

Years of denture wearing mean years of daily chewing, grinding, biting, and other functions of the teeth that your dentures perform. Over time the dentures are weakened until they reach their breaking point.


Your teeth are not indestructible, and neither are your dentures. Their strength is less than that of natural teeth, so you have to take extra care with them. Eating hard, sharp, sticky foods can cause cracks and even break your dentures.


Dentures can accidentally fall when you remove them from your mouth. However, it is necessary to remove them for proper cleaning of your dentures and mouth. They can also fall out if they are not perfectly fitted in the mouth. This can be caused either by poor dental work or by progressive bone loss.

Broken Dentures: What to do?

If you observe cracks on your dentures while cleaning them, the best thing to do is schedule an appointment with your Forster dentist right away.

Do not be tempted to fix the damage yourself by buying denture repair kits in drug stores. This can cause further damage, which will make it more difficult for your dentist to fix.

What Your Forster Dentist Can Do?

Although dentures are a serviceable missing-tooth replacement option, the permanence and natural look of dental implants make them a great choice.

Forster Dental Centre offers high-quality and durable dental implants as replacements for missing teeth.

If properly cared for, dental implants can last for years, and sometimes even for life! This means costs can be lower in the long term since dentures, in comparison, will need replacements frequently.

Why Choose Dental Implants Over Dentures?

Dental implants cost more upfront than dentures, and therefore many people choose dentures without further investigating dental implants as an option.

When you consider the additional costs of dentures, including cleaning solutions, adhesives, repairs, and denture replacement, implants are a better financial solution and well worth the extra upfront cost.

Broken Dentures in Forster

With so many things at stake, like your overall health and self-esteem, we suggest you consult your Forster dentist before reaching a decision.

At the end of the day, your dentist is your best resource to help you decide what option works best for you and your mouth. Remember that you may decide to start with dentures and eventually progress to dental implants, but dental implants are a more permanent option.

A dental emergency Forster requires a skilled team to remove you from pain and danger as soon as possible. We have same-day emergency appointments for dental emergencies.

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Broken Dentures in Forster

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