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Zirconia Bridges

Zirconia Bridges | Dentist Forster

Zirconia Bridges Forster

Dental bridges often require a dental crown. Just like dental crowns, dental bridges at Forster Dental Centre are a step up from the regular bridges offered in other clinics.

Our dental bridges are made of zirconia for significantly better performance.

Read on to learn more about zirconia bridges and their advantages over the regular dental bridges.

What Are Zirconia bridges?

Zirconia is a white, powdered metal oxide and is the hardest known ceramic in dentistry. It is also the strongest material used in the field, with several qualities similar to titanium.

Zirconia bridges look like regular dental bridges. They replace single to multiple missing teeth by bridging one natural tooth to another. They function just like regular dental bridges. The two vary with regard to strength and benefits.

In general, zirconia is popular for combining excellence with aesthetics. It is also biocompatible, thereby avoiding any allergic reactions.

Benefits Of Zirconia Bridges

Zirconia bridges, just like zirconia crowns, are quite new innovations in the field of dentistry. Still, they are already trusted by dentists for their notable benefits such as:

  • More durable compared to regular bridges
  • High fracture toughness
  • Resist wear longer than regular bridges
  • Resist oxidation
  • Chemically unreactive
  • Resist hot and cold temperatures in the mouth
  • Biocompatible (does not have ill effects to living tissue)
  • Easily modified (reshaped)
  • No metal base needed
  • Resist stains better
  • Reported to cause lesser tooth sensitivity
  • Do not cause grey line around the edge of the gums which is common among metal bridges

Dental Problems Solved By Dental Bridges

A zirconia bridge works like a regular dental bridge. It is ideal for the following dental problems:

  • Replace single to multiple missing teeth
  • Return normal stimulation between teeth and jawbone
  • Support cheek
  • Restore function of teeth in speech
  • Stop shifting of remaining natural teeth
  • Prevent progressive bone loss caused by missing teeth

The Procedure

Getting your zirconia dental bridge is the same as getting regular dental bridges. An initial check up is necessary to assess the condition of your mouth and if you are compatible for the procedure.

The procedure can be divided into two main parts. An impression of your teeth will be taken as well as X-rays to get an accurate measurement.

The natural teeth that will serve as the anchor will be trimmed to allow the crown to fit over the top. This is known as ‘tooth reduction’.

The impressions are sent to a leading Australian Boutique Dental laboratory where your bridge is created. It may take up to two to three weeks for the fabrication.

The second part is the fitting of the dental bridge. Your dentist Forster will first make sure that the bridge fits perfectly before cementing it in place.

Zirconia Bridges in Forster

Restore your teeth the best way with durable zirconia bridges at Forster Dental Centre. We provide quality dentistry and personalised service for patient satisfaction.

Zirconia Bridges in Forster

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