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Lost Fillings, Crowns or Inlays/Onlays

Lost Fillings Crown Or Inlay Onlay | Dentist Forster

Lost Fillings, Crowns or Inlays/Onlays Forster

Despite your teeth’s hard nature, they can still deteriorate. Cavities and accidents are two of the most common reasons for cracks and dental pain.

Fortunately, modern dentistry affords multiple options for restoring our teeth’s beauty and function.

But restorative devices are not indestructible. Tooth fillings, dental crowns, and inlays and onlays are vulnerable to damage, just like your teeth. Proper care and good oral hygiene must be observed.

At Forster Dental Centre anything that causes you pain and inconvenience is treated with urgency. Dental emergencies such as broken/lost tooth fillings, dental crowns, and inlays and onlays are given priority with a same-day emergency appointment available to relieve you of your pain as soon as possible.

Common Culprits for Damaged Restorations

Wear and tear

Years of using dental restorations subject them to years of grinding, chewing, and temperature changes in the mouth. All of which can weaken them over time until the day they reach a breaking point.


Dental restorations are not indestructible. Abuse of them can weaken and break them. Eating hard, sharp, and sticky foods, or using your teeth as tools, can lead to damage.

Tooth decay

Decay is the most common reason for having restorative devices. In the process, your dentist Forster will remove all decayed parts and thoroughly clean your teeth before the restoration is applied. Observance of good dental habits is necessary for moving forward. Failure to follow them can lead to the development of secondary cavities, which can weaken the tooth-supporting the restoration, and ultimately lead to damage.

Poor dental work

It takes a skilled dentist to properly place a dental restoration. No matter how durable the dental restoration is if the dentist has done a poor dental work failure is likely.

First Aid Steps

Below are the first aid steps to perform when you experience a dental emergency concerning your dental restoration:

  • Rinse your mouth to ensure that all pieces of broken dental restorations are removed. If inhaled the broken pieces can cause an infection.
  • Apply clove oil on the affected tooth or take OTC pain relievers for pain and sensitivity.
  • See your dentist immediately.

Fixing a Damaged Dental Restoration

An X-ray may be performed to ensure that no broken pieces have been inhaled. If the damage is minor and you still have the restorative device, your dentist can reattach it. For dental restorations that cannot be fixed, another one may be constructed.

Your dentist will determine the severity of the condition to decide which will be the best option for you.

Lost Fillings, Crowns or Inlays/Onlays in Forster

A dental emergency requires a skilled team to keep you safe from pain and danger as soon as possible. We have same-day emergency appointments for dental emergencies.

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Lost Fillings, Crowns or Inlays/Onlays in Forster

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