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Dental Health Week 2021: Keep Your Smile for Life | Forster Dental Centre

by Dental Health Week 2021

Dental Health Week is on 2-8 August 2021.

The 2021 Dental Health Week campaign focuses on the importance of caring for your teeth and gums to help you to keep your smile for life.

Keep Your Smile for Life: 4 Key Messages

Brush teeth at least twice a day with fluoride-containing toothpaste for two minutes each time

When brushing your teeth, you remove food particles and plaque — a sticky white film that forms on your teeth and contains bacteria. After eating a meal that contains sugar, the bacteria in plaque produce acids that attack tooth enamel.

In time, the acid can break down tooth enamel, causing cavities. Plaque that isn’t removed can also harden into tartar, making it harder to keep teeth clean. Tartar build-up on your gums leads to inflammation that causes gum disease.

Clean between your teeth every day with floss or interdental brushes

Flossing helps remove bacteria, plaque, and food from between your teeth, and it reduces the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease.

Maintain a healthy, balanced diet and limit added sugar consumption

For healthy living and healthy teeth and gums, think before you eat and drink. It’s not only what you eat but the time you eat that can affect your dental health. Eat a balanced diet and limit in-between-meal snacks.

Visit your Forster dentist for check-ups and preventive dental care

A dental check-up is important as they help keep your teeth and gums healthy. You should have a regular dental visit at least every six months or as recommended by your dental professional.

Add these up, and you lower the chance of suffering tooth decay or gum disease. And that means less time in the dentist chair undergoing costly treatments.

Look After Your Dental Health

It should not be a normal expectation that at some point in your life, teeth will need to be pulled because of tooth decay or gum (periodontal) disease.

Australians should expect to keep their teeth for life, and practising these four simple routines can help people to achieve this goal.

After all, you don’t expect to lose an arm or leg, so why expect to lose any of your teeth?

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