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Top 5 Oral Hygiene Gift ideas for Holidays from Forster Dental Centre

by Dec 9, 2019Oral Hygiene, Oral Hygiene Gift


Hurray! The holiday season is here!

It’s time to get in the thick of the holiday hunt for the best gifts for family, co-worker and friends.

What better way can you do this than to ring it in with a few oral hygiene gifts that are beautifully pleasing as they are healthy.

Yes, these gifts are nice enough because everyone could really use something spectacular and best of all each of them is for daily use.

Why not give a gift that they can not only use on a regular basis but will improve and keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Before you jump out to buy that tube socks or a Christmas-themed nighty, consider some of these cool oral hygiene gift ideas from Forster Dental Centre.

#1. Electric brush

The electric brush has proven over time that it could have a bigger impact on oral health than quick-fix gimmicks. Bristles with just the right amount of guiding pulses to help simplify better brushing.

With an electric brush, you are certain that your twice-daily routine will be easy and enjoyable, wherever you love to brush.

#2. Brushy Ball

If you have growing kids that are just learning how to brush their teeth, it is the perfect time to get them excited and learn about brushing.

The BrushyBall captivates kids’ attention and shows them how long to brush each area for an interactive experience they not only want but one that motivates them to enjoy brushing.

#3. Dental floss

While a toothbrush is compelling in cleaning tooth surfaces, the bristles can’t enough clean between the teeth. Dental floss will help expel food from those difficult to-achieve zones.

There are numerous sorts of dental floss to look over — unwaxed or waxed, flavoured or unflavoured, and normal or wide. Waxed floss might be less demanding to slide thru tight teeth, while unwaxed floss will spread out its fibres amidst use for more prominent tooth contact.

#4. Sugar-free gum

Acids in the mouth have a hugely detrimental impact on tooth enamel. Numerous research has demonstrated that chewing sugar-free gum after meals lessen the corrosive level and can arouse the flow of saliva, which purifies the mouth.

More so, chewing sugar-free gum daily help to improve your oral health by preventing cavities, strengthen enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity.

#5. A Tooth Timer

Yes, we have constantly encouraged both Kids and adults to brush their teeth for a minimum of two minutes twice a day. But at times it might be pretty difficult to know when two minutes is up, especially for kids who are not sure how to tell time yet!

You can arrest this situation by getting a timer, setting it to two minutes, and allowing them to brush until it dings. Gifting a tooth timer gift can just be the right gift someone needs from you.

Having a healthy smile that you can assuredly rock is so imperative for any season and particularly exceptional to give and receive this holiday season.

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