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What To Do When Your Filling Falls Out

by Dental Article, General Dentistry

what to do when your filling falls out It can be traumatic.

When a filling falls out it is never a planned event and should you have it happen to you, knowing how to deal with the situation as quickly as possible will prevent pain and discomfort.

Here is some advice on what to do when your filling falls out.

Do Fillings Fall Out?

Yes, although it is not a common problem, there are times when a filling may become loose and fall out of a tooth. When this happens, you need to do two things right away.

First, you should ensure you do not swallow the filling. Second, you must make contact with your Forster dentist to schedule an appointment for repair.

When you remove the filling from your mouth you do not need to keep it for reuse. That is unless it happens to be a gold filling.

As most fillings are now made of an amalgam, composite or glass ionomer your dentist will replace it with a new one. Should you accidentally swallow the filling, it should pass through your system without issue, but not swallowing is always the preferred option.

Before you can see your dentist you will need to keep the tooth clean as a missing filling creates a crevice where food particles can become trapped. Left unchecked this can do more damage to the tooth.

Gentle brushing and regular rinsing with salt water or mouthwash should keep the tooth clean and remove any collected bits of food until you can see your dentist.

Why do fillings fall out?

There are many reasons why a filling may fall out. Sometimes it has to do with the filling not completely bonding to the inside of the tooth.

A filling may fall out because it became loose from some kind of trauma such as an accident or fall. A larger part of the tooth may break off, including the filling, as a result of grinding your teeth or chewing something hard, such as an olive seed or biting down on some ice in your drink.

If you partake in high impact sports such as football or hockey this can be another way in which your tooth filling may loosen and fall out.

My filling fell out – How long can I wait?

The waiting part is often directly related to the schedule at your dentist’s office. If your dentist offers emergency dental care, this may speed up the process; otherwise, expect to be fit in as soon as possible.

However, to minimise the chance of further damage, you should book in to see your dentist as soon as possible.

If the missing filling is causing you pain, you may be able to take an over the counter pain killer to help you cope until your dental visit. Call your local dentist and the team will advise accordingly.

Plus, there are several temporary dental filling products on the market for this very purpose. They are made from a zinc oxide material and can be applied just by pushing a bit of it into the hole in your tooth with a wet finger.

The material hardens as it reacts to the saliva in your mouth. It may help until you see your dentist.

Part of my tooth fell out. What do I do?

Should you crack a tooth and a part of it falls out, you will need to schedule a dental visit as soon as possible.

The broken tooth will need to be repaired and depending on the condition of the remaining tooth, your dentist may choose to repair it with a filling or opt for a dental crown. There is no need to save the broken piece of your tooth.

Your Local Dentist in Forster

As you can see, when a filling falls out, there is a course of action to follow. By keeping the area clean you are preventing further damage from occurring before you can see your dentist.

Only your dentist can properly repair a missing filling. So if you notice that your filling has fallen out, make sure to book in to see our dental team as soon as possible.

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