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Here are some ways a dentist can work with you to calm your dental anxiety.

If you suffer from any kind of dental phobia, you may find some comfort in the fact that you are far from alone. In fact, being afraid to see a dentist is one of the top five fears of the average person. As a result, all dental offices have developed ways to make your visit less stressful.

While it is common to have dental anxiety, it is as common to not completely understand why a visit to the dentist is difficult for so many. The majority of sufferers have determined that the fear came from an earlier visit – often when the patient was quite young.

The dentist/patient relationship is often the root of the problem and there are many ways to work with your dentist to correct this. The first and most important step is to inform your dental office that you have a fear and they will take steps to assist you.

How Your Dentist Will Help

There are many ways in which your dentist and his or her staff will work to lessen your fears. For example, if the sound of dental equipment is the source of your anxiety, you may be able to wear headphones or some other listening device with music to hear instead, which can take the focus off the dental drill.

If you have difficulty relaxing in the dental chair, you may be given something to help calm you down including ‘laughing gas’ -nitrous oxide – which is breathed in through an apparatus placed over your nose. This is very effective in calming nerves.

You may have a fear that comes from not being able to see what is being done during the procedure. Your dentist can provide you with a mirror so you can watch and will be able to explain every step along the way. Some fears come from not knowing what is happening to you.

Should your dental phobia be severe enough that you have difficulty in being in the dental office, the dentist and staff will slowly introduce you to the various rooms and show you the tools and explain their use to gently familiarise you with their set up. It may take more than one visit, but for some patients, this step is important in building a trusting dentist/patient relationship.

In Conclusion

Regardless of the type of dental anxiety you suffer from, the dental professionals at Forster Dental Centre can help. We know how a dental visit can be a scary experience – especially if your phobia has caused you to stay away for several years.

We ask that you inform us at the time you book your appointment if there is a fear of any kind. Then we will arrange to discuss it further and offer suggestions that may make your visit more comfortable. Contact us today to find out how we can help take that fear away.

Call us on (02) 6555 5554 to book your next appointment.

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