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How to Choose the Right Implant Dentist in Forster

by Dental Implants

how to choose the right implant dentist in forster When people think of the best possible tooth replacement, one thing that comes to mind are dental implants.

Dental implants are permanent, natural-looking, and functional, treatments to restore teeth.

But implants can seem a bit expensive, initially, particularly when compared to other tooth restoration options.

And dental implants, themselves, can often have prices that vary widely.

At Forster Dental Centre, we offer our patients the best treatment available to maximise their dental health.

It is not wise to skimp on your dental health which is why we say that saving money is a good thing, but cutting back on your dental treatments, including dental implants, is a terrible idea.

Dental Implants vs. ‘Bargain’ Approaches

Dental implants are not the only restoration treatment for missing teeth, and the other options can seem much more economical, mainly when looked at in the short run. But this approach can’t turn out to be deceptive.

The main non-implant options for missing teeth are not replacing them, bridges, and dentures. Each of these comes with a significant downside.

Ignoring missing teeth is the cheapest approach at the start but is the most expensive, in several ways, as time goes by.

Other teeth lose alignment and become snaggled. Bones and gums are not stimulated and erode. Also, the chance of plaque, tartar, cavities, and much more serious issues goes up dramatically.

Finally, the social cost of missing teeth is also dramatic.

Dentures can hide an entire mouth of missing teeth for a couple of thousand dollars but they need replacement, have ongoing support costs, and require special cleaning and maintenance.

Wearing dentures can lead to erosion of the jawbone and gum disease, and more expensive treatments as time goes by.

Bridges are an “in-between” (literally!) treatment costing from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. They can last a decade or two, and to be installed require the grinding down of the teeth on either side. Again, they do not support bone and gum maintenance.

These treatments have increasing costs as time goes by. The cost of implants is paid at the outset and should never go up. Additionally, you will likely not need any more treatment.

Dental Implant Costs

If you’re considering an implant, you may have browsed prices and discovered a pretty big range in them. In Australia, listed prices can range from $2850 – $11500.

This range seems extreme, but there are a few things to consider:

  • Most advertised prices are for one implant, in a convenient location in the mouth
  • Most advertised prices assume perfect dental health
  • Bargain prices usually don’t include the cost of additional treatment such as bone grafts.
  • Bargains may be limited to a narrow range of implants and not the procedure that is best for your mouth.

So, how should I shop around?

Forster Dental Centre suggests thinking of “shopping around” as not just looking at prices but also as finding a skilled dentist – a dentist with the experience, materials, and training needed for the job.

Here are the three things to keep in mind:

Materials. There are choices, for the implant (the titanium rod that functions as root) and the crown (the ceramic/porcelain top that functions as a tooth). Your Forster dentist will help you balance economy with the materials needed in your case.

Skill and experience. You want a dentist who has as much experience and expertise as possible. The treatment is not simple – comprising several appointments and usually with periods of healing in between appointments. You want a patient and skilled dentist!

Planning and Placement. Your dentist needs to take the time to understand your oral condition. The process includes scans and X-rays, so the dentist is intimately familiar with your mouth, jawbone, gums, and teeth. Additional treatments (bone grafting) may also be needed.

If you receive your dental implants from Forster Dental Centre, we assure you that you will receive a job done so well it will make you smile!

Dental Implants in Forster

Your Local Dentist in Forster

Forster Dental Centre gives each patient the care that allows them to maintain healthy teeth and an optimal smile for life!

We offer an extensive range of dental services from preventative dentistry to restorative dental options along with the latest in cosmetic dentistry solutions for straighter and whiter teeth.

We pride ourselves on listening to the needs and concerns of all our patients and aim to provide you with the personalised attention you and your family deserves.

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